40th Birthday Cake Ideas

40th Birthday Cake Ideas

Great cake recipe and 40th birthday cake ideas with low fat ingredients. Which 40th Birthday cake designs do you find most intriguing? The wide variety of these creative designs make it possible for professional chefs and home cooks to prepare a uniquely different cake for the guest of honor.

Perhaps your idea of the perfect birthday cake for an adult is a luscious red velvet with a rich vanilla cream frosting. Red velvet cakes can be sculpted into unique shapes such as cars, hats or animals. Match the design so that it suits the birthday ‘man or woman'.

40th Birthday Cake Ideas:

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A butter pecan layer cake with butter cream frosting could easily please any individual and this type of cake can include designs from Harley Davidson motorcycle logos to the traditional ‘over the hill' inscription. Pipe those HD eagle wings onto the top of the cake or use a transfer design to create a similar effect.

The Cake Ideas are going to be very dependent upon the type of cake that is being used as well as which choice of frosting you select. Sports enthusiasts may enjoy a cake that is designed to look a baseball jersey or tennis racket. Think outside of the box and combine unusual fillings and frosting's with the cake you are baking.

The custard consistency of a decadent butter cream frosting makes this a very popular choice for cakes and cookies. You can easily use butter cream frosting as the canvas for an unforgettable birthday design. Be creative and let your imagination spring into action.

Fondant can help you take your cake design to a new level. A milestone birthday deserves a cake that is anything BUT ordinary.

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A plain sheet cake can be transformed into many unusual looks. Instead of an ‘over the hill' celebration your cake can celebrate the hobbies or interests of the guest of honor. Consider a design that reminds people of fishing, race cars, baseball or their favorite Hollywood celebrity.

Since it is impossible to over process a butter cream frosting most cooks find that this is an ideal selection for many 40th birthday cakes. The frosting will be light, fluffy and incredibly delicious. This is a perfect counterpoint when you want to create a cake that has lots of icing flowers and fancy frosted borders.

Royal icing is another favorite of home cooks who want to create colorful designs on birthday cakes. You can make royal icing at home from just a few basic ingredients (egg whites, powdered sugar, skim milk) or purchase a meringue powder that you combine with fat-free milk.

Chocolate ganache will provide you with an elegant covering for any special cake. This glossy frosting can be highlighted in many different ways. You can use chocolate shavings and curls of dark chocolate as part of the cake design, write out words in dark chocolate icing or pipe intricate floral designs around the edge and base of the cake.

By opting for ingredients such as skim milk, reduced fat cream, egg substitutes, and Splenda you can also create fanciful cakes and luscious frosting's that are low in calories and fat, yet bursting with flavor.

Now all you have to do is to select one of the most unique 40th birthday Cake Ideas and get the party rolling!


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