3 Foods to Avoid When Depressed

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

There are many reasons why you might resort to food in times of anger, grief, anxiety, or depression. It’s been said that people usually eat when they are bored or they do not have something to do. In this case, they eat because they want to forget the problem they are facing. The act of eating helps them, even for just a few minutes, to concentrate on how great the food tastes. However, there are certain foods that you should avoid when going through anxiety or depression.
1. Alcohol. It won’t do you any good to resort to alcohol. Although a glass of red wine is okay to give you the antioxidants your body needs, a bottle of intoxicating beverage would only lead to more depression. Furthermore, if you are drinking medication for depression or other conditions, alcohol might cause the medication to have unwanted effects on your body.
2. Chocolates. It’s tempting, yes, but aside from dark chocolate every once in a while, you should really cut back on your consumption of chocolates. Basically, you need to reduce sweet food consumption because it would be easy to fill your body with unwanted calories while you are not in the mood to care.
3. Spicy foods. An upset stomach can easily be developed by consuming spicy foods. When you are depressed, your body tends to feel weak and have some kinds of unexplainable sicknesses. Diarrhea caused by your choice of foods might develop even though you are commonly consuming this on normal days. It’s also not the time for you to experiment on foods you’ve never eaten before since you don’t know how your body might react to them.
If you really want to turn to food during the time of depression, that’s okay. As long as you choose foods that are not harmful for the body. Instead of ice creams and chocolates, simply choose fruits that have the same sweet taste without the calories. You can still eat healthy though you are feeling down.
Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at RockwellNutrition.com, leading natural health website that supplies Prostabel.

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