2012 Astrology

2012 Astrology

2012 astrology and the controversy about the Mayan calendar and doomsday predictions.2012 Astrology predictions are making headlines; especially as the dawn of this year is now rapidly approaching. What does it all mean, and why are so many people now convinced that there are some world-changing events that are set to unfold?

The Mayan calendar is the source of much of the speculation and interest about what will be happening during the upcoming year. It appears that this ancient calendar ends next year, and many have interpreted this as meaning the world will also reach the end of its life-cycle. Yet, it must be remembered that no one fully understands the calendar that the ancient Mayans constructed.

If you approach the predictions from an astrological angle it is easy to see that the planet and stars are indeed reaching a unique alignment. Even the planets are going to line up in unusual and startling fashion.

2012 Astrology:

Predictions,Mayan Calendar,Galaxy,Predicted:

This year, during the month of December, the earth's sun will be touching a central area of the Milky Way galaxy that has been named ‘the Dark Rift'.

This is the first time that such an event has occurred in thousands of years. This dark region is also known as a black hole and it is located at the center-point of our galaxy. The mysterious area is now viewed by many individuals as having abundant energy as well as unique mystical powers.

Many centuries ago the Mayan people were aware of the Dark Rift, and they considered this area of the galaxy as a place of transformation. Within the Dark Rift birth, death and reincarnation would occur. Mayan calendars and prophecies foretold of the day when this unique solar alignment would take place-the year 2012.

2012 Astrology:

There are a number of modern day astrological predictions that seem to line up with the earlier prophecies offered by the Mayan people. According to experts in the field of Astrology there is a special configuration in the upcoming star charts that is indicative of transformative changes that will soon occur.

This configuration is known by several names including ‘yod' and ‘Finger of God'. During the next year Venus and Jupiter will become opposing planets, and their alignment will be the flame that ignites the astrological Finger of God.

Even among different cultures the consensus of change in the coming year remains a consistently present theme. Astrologers do disagree on what these changes may entail.

2012 Astrology:

Predictions,Mayan Calendar,Galaxy,Predicted:

It is commonly regarded that the Mayan calendar predicted a period of transformation for Earth that would occur at a specific time and date. Some people believe this meant the End of the World.

Others translated the prophecies and calendar to mean that a spiritual Judgment Day would be arriving. There are others who believe that natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes will destroy many cities and nations.

You will also discover that there are many highly educated individuals who believe that there will indeed be some major events that will result in positive changes concerning the way people think and act.

Nostradamus also predicted that life on Earth would forever be changed as soon as the 2012 winter solstice arrived. No one is going to know exactly what events will occur in the upcoming year until these events actually happen, but being prepared for any eventuality is always a good idea.


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